Want to Get White?

A cup of milk everyday

Milk is good, for it is rich in minerals. If you drink a cup of milk before go to bed everyday, it can not only brighten your skin but also promote sleep. Meanwhile, use milk as facial masks also a good idea. Milk+pearl powder +VE is cheap as well as perfect effect.

Eat a tomato each day

Tomatoes are complement of VC while VC has a good effect on removing beverage. It's better to eat raw tomatoes as the value is the highest.

A compound vitamin pills every day

It is a mixture of vitamins and minerals. A piece a day will supply all kinds of nutrition. It can also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis thus promote defecation.

Grape seed

Grape seed also is the good things for removing beverage and smoothing face.


Everyday, a cup of lemon with honey water also can play the white effect, it tastes good. If you do not like the flavor of acid, add some ice-sugar is another good choice.

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