Bright and Clean Forehead Shows Your Youth

Brand clues: Balenciaga/Celine/Carolina Herrera/Calvin Klein/Jil Sander/Miu Miu
Style analysis: from Herrera Balenciaga to Carolina, no matter the hair is on the left, or on the right, or all in the back such as Miu Miu does, regardless of the hair in the back was plunge into a neat bun, high horsetail, or flagging straight behind the ear, you visual focus will involuntarily to model’s bright and clean forehead. Yes, perhaps it can increase the delicate degree and sense of the model by applying gel water, but this emphasis on large forehead hairstyle this season wantonly pop, it is a low-key approach to show off the youth. However, if your face not quite delicate, forehead not bright and clean enough broad, you should try this hairstyle with great care.

Carolina Herrera




Coffee- Your Own Beauty Secret

Coffee is always known to invigorate us every morning. But did you know it has something else aside from just being your ordinary hot drink? It is actually a delicious beverage that can be your very own beauty secret by being a good part of both your skin care and hair care.
Coffee is full of antioxidants making it ideal for skin care and anti aging. It is even good for topical use in the skin aside from being a very good drink. There are many amazing benefits coffee can offer when it used topically on the skin. Hence, many skin care companies are researching and developing this wonder ingredient to further use coffee in their skin care products.
Aside from the benefits of coffee to the skin, another beauty benefit of coffee is that it helps improve the hair and can minimize hair damage. Try to visit some spa locations and you'll even notice the use of coffee as one of the main ingredients in their hair treatments. Coffee, with its rich antioxidant content, can help repair the damaged hair and prevent breakage.
One warning though with the use of coffee is that it should never be applied directly to colored hair. Here is one good coffee remedy you can use at home: brew espresso and use this as hair rinse. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and rinse with tap water. You'll achieve a softer and shinier look to your hair.


Tips for Skin And Hair Care

Who does not want to have great skin? But aging is a factor that can reduce elasticity of your skin and brings wrinkles on it. Other than aging it is pollution, makeup products, sun rays etc. which also have negative effect on one's skin and hair. Also if you are not healthy inside then your skin will look dull as a skin is a mirror of your inner health too. But sometimes you eat healthy but the glow does not appear on your face. Check out the below handy tips, which are meant to give you a flawless skin and will also take care of your hair.
Few tips which you can employ at home to get a great skin are:
(1) Daily follow these three steps in you routine- cleaning, toning and moisturizing.
(2) One should try to visit beauty clinics at least once a month. Try to do it yourself at home.
(3) One mistake which generally a woman does is that she usually devotes much time on face but generally overlooks the beauty of her hair.

(4) Since the sun radiates harmful ultraviolet radiations which are at peak during morning and afternoon so one should avoid going outside during the time when the sun is there at the peak most importantly morning 10 to 15.


Tips for Men’s Hair Styles

Even though there are some guys out there who do not give much thought to the look of their hair, there are several hair styling tips that men can follow to give them a look that is attractive and easy to maintain.

For guys, one of the best hair styling tips would be that it is best to find a cut that is easy to style. If you are a guy that has an issue with thinning hair, there are still many great hair styling tips for you. The way that you comb your hair or the products that you use can have a great impact on your end result.
Finally, no man should ever be afraid to play with color when it comes to their hair. There are a number of men who are getting incredible results from highlights and lowlights to compliment their cutting edge styles.


Different Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Normally the easiest way for women who have thick hair is go for a short medium length cut that makes your hair look more healthy.
Another good way to manage your hair is a ponytail. Very stylish and elegant and a quick way to do your hair.

If you have long and very thick hair, in this case it suggested that you can try out a bun. This is very professional look if it is made up well. So good option for work also.
Long and full hair is also good for some really beautiful curls.
Believe it or not but plaits are still a big trend in the fashion today. There are many ways that plaits can be used to add a great touch for your hairstyle.
If you wish to go young again and do not necessarily have to look professional at work, why not go with school girl braids? Good news is that braids are back this season so be adventurous and try them out. This is also perfect style for women with very thick hair.


Appropriate Use of Vitamin D

Vitamin D falls under the category of steroid vitamins and is an essential nutrient in our body. The main role of this compound is to metabolize and absorb calcium and phosphorous that is also required for the normal growth and development of the body.
Vitamin D is one of our main allies against diseases like common cold.
People who are overweight or obese can also benefit a lot if you buy vitamin D supplements as this helps to maintain and stabilize healthy body weight.
The most important benefit of this vitamin lies in the normal development of bones.


Three Reasons to Choose Vitamin C Cream

When looking at the many different vitamins in regard to skin care, many may consider vitamin C. This crucial element can help create healthy skin when applied daily. Consider the following 3 reasons a person should rely on this item for healthier skin at any age.
The first benefit to consider is increased melanin inhibition. The ingredients found in this cream will help in the hindrance of ultra violet rays.
The second benefit that you'll notice when purchasing and utilizing vitamin C face cream is that it will reduce the production of certain proteins in the skin, promoting flexibility in the cell walls and tissue.

The third benefit is a reduction in typical skin problems.


Seven Step Plan in Keeping Skin Young

There are seven protective steps you can take as a young person to keep your skin looking radiant and healthy. We will list them here for you.
Step 1 - Make sure to protect your skin from UV light.
Step 2 - Stop smoking or do not start.
Step 3 - Ditch junk food.
Step 4 - Increase intake of super foods like salmon, blueberries or walnuts.
Step 5 - Combat stress with yoga, power naps and long walks.
Step 6 - Exercise on a regular basis.

Step 7 - Make sure to visit a dermatologist if you think there's a problem.


4 Tips for Protecting Skin in Winter

Enough sleep help beautiful skin
Sleep is the vocation of the skin, enough sleep is always the first gist of having beautiful skin
Take water at any time
If you can guarantee uniform and regular drinking of water every day , even you are dark problem skin, it can also return to brightness.
Clean face slowly
With warm water wash each part carefully not only can let skin clean and relaxed, but also can help the blood circulation. So complexion is natural and not hard to get. Cold water used as last program help tighten the skin, make skin more elastic.
Added nutrients
Nutrition experts think, daily enough absorption of nutrients can make skin live. Protein, fat and sugar are the three major nutrients necessary for human health, they have a close relationship with facial skin.


Some Tips for Cleanning Face

Dermatologist told us, a lot of skin problems are caused by wrong way of washing hands. If can't clean the skin completely, remove the oil and dirt in the pores, all the maintaining articles become “surface work”. It not only cannot be absorbed by skin thoroughly, maintain articles also provide nutrient for bacteria, so that cause the outbreak of whelk. So take more attention to the wash of your face can solve your skin troubles that trouble you for a long time. Here are some tips for washing your face:
Right: warm water to wash your face, cold water convergence.
Right: discharge makeup.
Right: don't attrition skin forcefully with sponge.
Right: separate day and night face clean product
Right: maximum 3 times a day to wash face


Foods Help Hair Growing

Daily life should pay more attention to the choice of foods that help growing hairs:
(1) Appropriate plant protein should be added, such as more soybeans, corn, black sesame seed food.
(2) Appropriate supplements as beans, black beans, eggs and poultry, ribbon fish, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, carp, sweet potatoes, carrots, bunches, etc.
(3) Food containing high iodine food.
(4) Food with more alkaline substances, such as fresh vegetables and fruits are your preference.


Tips for Scalp Care

Now many friends all know, the most important and most critical is not hair care, because those are not live, more attention should be attached to scalp care, because that is the soil breeds the hair. So what is the most effective approach to care scalp? If you want to have a good flexibility of the hair and want to be self-confidence and moving, here are a few tips.
1 brush hair
2 Use the scalp essence
3 Massage the scalp
4 Water detoxification


Foods Help Protect Skin

1 Broccoli improves skin resisting damage ability
2 Carrots help keep the skin smooth and delicate
3 Milk can improve skin tension
4 Soybean could prevent skin’s pigmentation
5 Kiwifruit eliminate freckles and other spots

6 Tomatoes flatten skin’s new wrinkles
7 Honey keeps skin ruddy and shining
8 Meat skin fills with skin
9 Salmon prevents wrinkles
10 Kelp regulates the skin secreting grease


Charming Masks

As we all know, Taiwan girls' make-up skills are excellent, but what kind of masks will they use. We recommend the following three most popular masks.
Neutrogena SkinClearing SmoothingMask

Fancl White Clear Mask