Bright and Clean Forehead Shows Your Youth

Brand clues: Balenciaga/Celine/Carolina Herrera/Calvin Klein/Jil Sander/Miu Miu
Style analysis: from Herrera Balenciaga to Carolina, no matter the hair is on the left, or on the right, or all in the back such as Miu Miu does, regardless of the hair in the back was plunge into a neat bun, high horsetail, or flagging straight behind the ear, you visual focus will involuntarily to model’s bright and clean forehead. Yes, perhaps it can increase the delicate degree and sense of the model by applying gel water, but this emphasis on large forehead hairstyle this season wantonly pop, it is a low-key approach to show off the youth. However, if your face not quite delicate, forehead not bright and clean enough broad, you should try this hairstyle with great care.

Carolina Herrera



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