Tips for Skin And Hair Care

Who does not want to have great skin? But aging is a factor that can reduce elasticity of your skin and brings wrinkles on it. Other than aging it is pollution, makeup products, sun rays etc. which also have negative effect on one's skin and hair. Also if you are not healthy inside then your skin will look dull as a skin is a mirror of your inner health too. But sometimes you eat healthy but the glow does not appear on your face. Check out the below handy tips, which are meant to give you a flawless skin and will also take care of your hair.
Few tips which you can employ at home to get a great skin are:
(1) Daily follow these three steps in you routine- cleaning, toning and moisturizing.
(2) One should try to visit beauty clinics at least once a month. Try to do it yourself at home.
(3) One mistake which generally a woman does is that she usually devotes much time on face but generally overlooks the beauty of her hair.

(4) Since the sun radiates harmful ultraviolet radiations which are at peak during morning and afternoon so one should avoid going outside during the time when the sun is there at the peak most importantly morning 10 to 15.

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