Fashion Men's Style from Runway Looks

Contrast with those dazzling colors, the application of simple color may show your restrained and quite characteristic. But don't ever think single color is just the repeat of one color, that will make the whole effect dull and dressing. Using the different shade of a color will create you magic effect you could never imagine.
Let's have a glimpse of the runway shows.

Light blue, turquoise, royal blue, navy blue and other shade of the blue, make a commonly seen blue more flexible.

Gray shirt is hot this season, it has the ability to stand out from the white shirt group. Gray jeans is also this season's most popular dress, easy to match and wear.

Few people can wear all shade of red well. But through the application of different lightness and tone of red, together with white's transition and reconcile, makes the whole effect harmonious and eye-catching.


Summer Updo

Whether it is a after one week tired work's get together, or the picnic in holiday, you can always try to tie your hair up, and expose woman's most charming neck line. Meanwhile, the variety of changes are definitely unexpected surprise in hot summer.
Anne Hathaway 

Diane Kruger

Emma Stone

Poppy Delevigne 

Thandie Newton 


Who Do You Love

Are you a fan of football? If you are, this time must be your festival. European Championship is in the progress. Which team do you support and which one is your favorite superstar? And totally lost in their skills? Or if you are a woman football fan, which handsome star has touched you? Today, we are going to introduce you several superstars and enjoy their styles in and out the ground.


New Feel for Bridal Hairstyles

Did you feel a little too tired to see the traditional bridal hairstyles? It is time to seek for something new. Nowadays, braided hairstyles are given brand new tasks, not only illustrates sexy, but also add more fashion sense.


Do They Look Alike?

It could be often seen that the actresses wear the same clothes, but i think it is not that easy to see women with the same face. Today, I will show you a series of contrast photo of the stars, can you recognize them correctly?








Kids' Hairstyles Could also Fashion

Kids have their own understand of fashion and will also want to look great. Today, we are going to see kids of those famous stars, to know how they look stylish.
Tom Cruise's daughter- Suri Cruise

Brad Pitt's daughter- Shiloh

Owen's daughter- Gemma


The New Nude Face

A clean, flawless look is what we want from our makeup this spring. Achieving this chic, minimalist effect requires a light hand, a few expert pointers, and the right neutral and blush shades, says makeup artist Fiona Stiles.
Prep Your Skin To Glow

For skin that looks refreshed without hours of sleep, apply a youth-enhancing primer that's formulated to counteract any red areas or purple undertones and bounce light off your face.
Make Your Foundation Invisible

Apply a liquid formula using two dome-shaped brushes. Sweep the foundation on with the first brush, blending it out and up from the center of your face. Then lightly buff your skin with the second brush to remove any excess product and smooth out the creases so all you're left with is a super-thin veil over your face.
Blush Softly

Sheer creamy blushes give you a rosy natural tint, but the trick to making the color last? Apply it after your foundation, using a dual-fiber brush so the product sits perfectly on your skin, and top with translucent powder to lock the pigment in place.
"Erase" Lines

If you do nothing else, just dust your skin with a translucent powder to blur any fine lines, then press a small amount of moisturizer between your palms and pat your cheeks to create a dewy finish.
Draw Attention to Your Eyes

To open up your eyes without looking like you're wearing makeup, trace a taupe liner along the inside of your lash lines. "This defines your eyes, but is almost undetectable," says Stiles. To add depth, brush a light brown eye shadow over the lids, into the creases, and slightly below the lower lashes. Finish by dabbing a tiny bit of Vaseline in the inner corners of the eyes for a subtle, sophisticated glow.
Enhance Your Lips

Chances are a lip color that's too pale or close to your natural skin-tone will make you look washed out or tired. Instead, invest in warm pink and beige shades one level darker than your skin, suggests Stiles, and top with matte lip balm for a soft feel.


Hairstyles Street Snaps

Wanna to know the latest trend of hairstyles? Why don't you see my collection of stars' street snaps, you'll get inspirations here.