Fashion Men's Style from Runway Looks

Contrast with those dazzling colors, the application of simple color may show your restrained and quite characteristic. But don't ever think single color is just the repeat of one color, that will make the whole effect dull and dressing. Using the different shade of a color will create you magic effect you could never imagine.
Let's have a glimpse of the runway shows.

Light blue, turquoise, royal blue, navy blue and other shade of the blue, make a commonly seen blue more flexible.

Gray shirt is hot this season, it has the ability to stand out from the white shirt group. Gray jeans is also this season's most popular dress, easy to match and wear.

Few people can wear all shade of red well. But through the application of different lightness and tone of red, together with white's transition and reconcile, makes the whole effect harmonious and eye-catching.

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