Coffee- Your Own Beauty Secret

Coffee is always known to invigorate us every morning. But did you know it has something else aside from just being your ordinary hot drink? It is actually a delicious beverage that can be your very own beauty secret by being a good part of both your skin care and hair care.
Coffee is full of antioxidants making it ideal for skin care and anti aging. It is even good for topical use in the skin aside from being a very good drink. There are many amazing benefits coffee can offer when it used topically on the skin. Hence, many skin care companies are researching and developing this wonder ingredient to further use coffee in their skin care products.
Aside from the benefits of coffee to the skin, another beauty benefit of coffee is that it helps improve the hair and can minimize hair damage. Try to visit some spa locations and you'll even notice the use of coffee as one of the main ingredients in their hair treatments. Coffee, with its rich antioxidant content, can help repair the damaged hair and prevent breakage.
One warning though with the use of coffee is that it should never be applied directly to colored hair. Here is one good coffee remedy you can use at home: brew espresso and use this as hair rinse. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and rinse with tap water. You'll achieve a softer and shinier look to your hair.

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