Eva Jacqueline Longoria‘s Wonderful Hairstyles

Eva Jacqueline Longoria is a very renowned American actress. She has won several awards and was also nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a comedy series. She has become very famous since her role played perfectly in Desperate Housewives. She is also very famous for her fresh and trendy hairstyles. Her hairstyles are very elegant and new to the public. She experiments on her look by making many alterations in her hair color and the way she carries them. There are many incidents when she can be spotted in a clean look with a bun and color streaks that add a lot of glamour to her look. Many other hairstyles have her hair falling loose below the shoulder with wavy curls that come outwards, along with the side fringe. She has also gone very short on her hairstyle with a bob cut. The hairstyles that she flaunts are indeed very good too and glamorous.

Formal look where hair is tied in a bun.

Brown hair tied in a light loose bun.

Letting the hair fall straight with slight waves and a side fringe.

A bob cut with a side fringe and slight waves.

Loose hairstyle with streaks of brown and a side parting.

Wavy hair tied in a loose bun with slight middle parting.

A lifted pony with a slight puff having a dark hair color.

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