Care with Herbal Cosmetic Products

More and more skin care products are labeled "natural ingredients" or "herbal ingredients", and it is much more easier for us to find herbal skin care products, even though your interest wasn't on them. Like other cosmetic product, being a smart consumer and careful for the herbals.

Be Label Savvy
You must have the experience that confused in the labels. Scan the label for herbs you recognize, such as chamomile, lavender or rosemary, and keep in mind that the higher they fall in the list of ingredients, the greater their concentration in the product. And herbs don't always show up under their easy to recognize names. Chemicals derived from herbs have to show up on the label under their technical names, and you may not immediately recognize azulene and bisabolol as active constituents of chamomile or allantoin as a derivative of comfrey root. If you can't easily figure out what herbs are in a product you're considering, ask the salesperson to explain the ingredients.
Don't Assume Herbal Means Non-Irritating
Though herbs are natural, that doesn't mean they can't irritate your skin just like chemically based products can. Herbs such as lavender and aloe vera usually do have a soothing effect on skin, but if you have an allergy or you use a non-herbal product such as retinol in addition to your herbal skin care, you could have a reaction that includes redness and irritation. Always try a test patch for 48 hours to check for allergic reactions before including herbs in your skin care routine.
Choose the Right Herbs
All herbs are not created equal, so know what you want your skin care products to achieve. If acne's an issue, opt for herbs that have mild antibacterial properties---witch hazel, aloe vera or basil may be good options. If you want to ward off the signs of aging, opt for antioxidant-rich herbs such as rhodiola or Indian gooseberry. If you have issues with redness or skin irritation, you'll want herbs such as chamomile or comfrey that can soothe your skin.

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