Cucumbers for Skin

Cucumber is our daily necessity, and known as the best fruit of summer. It consists of nearly 90% water and serves as a great diuretic. The rich vitamin C,E and other numerous minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, etc. They are crucial elements of skin diet as well as the plenty benefits. See how exactly cucumber works for your skin.

1. Cucumber for Acne Treatment. Peel the cucumber into thin slices. Put these slices in a bowl of water and leave it for about an hour. Now sift the cucumbers and your juice is ready. You can drink this juice or use it to wash your face. It acts as a cleanser effective enough to treat acne. That is to say, cucumber is effective in treating a number of skin ailments. It helps reduce the swelling or puffiness around eyes, and also works well for treating dark circles under eyes. Remember only a regular basis can you see long-lasting results.
2. Moisturizer. Due to the rich water content, which gives it the unique hydrating and moisturizing property. It nourishes the skin and is perfect for your skin on a daily basis. Cucumbers are rich in amino acids and mineral salts which help in revitalizing the skin. It can be used in the morning or night, however you prefer. It helps reveal the radiance of your skin.
3. Cleanser. If there is any natural cleanser for skin with any damage, that is cucumber. Applying cucumber juice on the skin cleanses the skin thoroughly and frees the pores, leaving the skin soft and supple. Consuming fresh cucumber juice can also have a cleaning action in the body. It frees your body from the various chemical toxins including uric acid, which is good to your health.

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