Charming Hairstyles Collections

Most of the girls love long hair and then here comes a problem: "How we can make our hair look beautiful" ? Today I will help you to solve this problem.
Frist: A Crinkly Pony
1. Clamp one-inch sections of hair with a triple-barrel wave iron, and repeat down the length to the ends.
2. Divide hair into two sections and tie in a knot.
3. Secure with bobby pins to hold it in place. The messier, the better!
Second: A Tucked Pony
1. Gather your hair back in a pony leaving a thick strand out at the bottom. Wrap the strand around the base of the pony and secure with a bobby pin.
2. Next, loosely twist the ends of your pony and roll them up underneath the base.
3. Secure with bobby pins.
4. Add a clip at the crown to add polish.

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