How to Choose Your Hairstyle

Casting director Jennifer Venditti of JV8INC highlights the top 10 most promising new models to hit the spring 2012 runways. Here are the faces of these models. You may see that their hairstyles vary from one to another. Look how beautiful they are. Different hairstyles can have different influences on a person, so let's analyze what is best for different people.
As we can see, Crystal and Nyasha are the only girls who wear a short hair. This is because their faces are small and their cheeks are not protruding.  On the contrary, Cora, Sarra and Caro have long curly hairstyle, for sure, their cheeks are one of the reasons. What's more, their white skins are perfectly matched with their blonde hair. This makes them look gorgeous. Besides, Edie's hairstyle makes her face completely stand out because she has a small delicate face and it won't be good if she uses some hair to cover a certain part of her face. Kelly and Antonia make their hair on one side which makes them look sexy and alluring. Due to the fact that they look most beautiful from one side, so it is perfect for them to choose this hair style.
So, did you grasp the essence here? Think about it and get yourself a proper hairstyle!

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