Misunderstanding of Protecting Your Skin

How much do you know about your skin? And how do you protect them? Have you ever run into of the following misunderstandings?

Skin care misunderstanding 1: steams are good for skin
To promote facial skin blood circulation and eliminate the dirt, that is where the benefits of steams lie. But in the opposite, a long-term of using steams will lead to a loss of moisture. Therefore, it is advised that do not apply steams too many times.
Skin care misunderstanding 2: the more foam, the better
Facial cleans add surfactant and foam additives to enhance clean effect and optimization contact feeling. However, these two adding will damage immunity of the sebum membrane, and that is the reason why skins are sensitive.
Skin care misunderstanding 3: remove cutin often
After years of skin care study, we know that cutin doesn't need frequent removal. And the existence of cutin will help the store of water. Frequent removal are easy to cause sensitive skin.
Skin care misunderstanding 4: Medical Skin Products
Does medical skin products can only be used by those who have a bad skin? Actually, it is not that exact. In face, medical skin products do not contain pigment, additives or other chemical composition. And if you want to pursue a mild skin, a certain degree use of such kind of products will work.

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