Vintage Hats

Increasingly in this modern age, vintage hats are still in vogue and popular to women of all ages. In the past, hats are a must have accessory for women as it conveys marital status, status in society and wealth. It is also a useful tool to protect women's complexion from the sun and wind, while at the same time concealing parts of the face for the extra touch of anonymity and elegance resulting to an intriguing classical look. It could also be used as a flirtation device to hide away soft giggles and secret glances towards a handsome gentleman nearby.
Hats are available in a variety of styles and shapes. It can be made of wool felt, cotton fabric, straw, fur and of any material you can think of. Vintage hats are also classified according to the era they represent. The close fitting hats that are commonly known as cloches were a hit back in the 20's. The wide and extravagant hats represent Edwardian times. The jauntier design hats were the 30's favorite, while the 40's brought about hats with shapely designs that comes with a veil. The 50's brought about flowered and bowed hats with fancy designs, while the pill box hats were the craze in the 60's. Although decades have past and new designs have emerged, the passion for vintage has remained strong due to their essential meaning and sentimental value to the society.
Indeed, classic hats are such a treasure to behold, a timeless accessory that brings out a stunning effect and style to every woman's fashion statement. You can get your own share of exquisite hats in various vintage stores online and enjoy once again the timeless elegance of vintage hats!

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