Which One Is Your Style?

If you want to change your appearance, the easiest way to do it is to do something to your hair. Choosing the right hair color isn’t as easy as simply picking out a color you like. Here are some colors for your reference.

Consider dyeing your hair brown if you meet most of the following criteria:
Your hair is mousy brown now. This would be a minor change then that is just deepening your current hair color.
You want a low-maintenance color. The upkeep for brown is minimal and the kits for brown hair color that can be bought over the counter are almost impossible to mess up.
Your hair is damaged. Browns reflect well in light and minimizes breakages and tresses.
Consider going with a red if you meet most of the following criteria.
Pink skin. Women with cool or pink skin pull this color off best. Conversely, it would not look natural on those with golden or olive skin.
Your hair is in good condition. If your hair is dry or damaged, it will have a hard time holding on to red color molecules.
Consider going blond if you meet the criteria below.
You were blond as a child. By the time summer ends, you will have the right skin tone to pull off blonde as an adult.
You can afford regular maintenance. This is the most expensive color to maintain. You will need regular touch-ups and specific products to make the color last longer.
Consider going black if you meet the following criteria.
You have darker skin. Black or olive skin works best with this color.
You are absolutely certain you want black. This is the hardest color to lift. Once you get it, it's almost impossible to dye it back to your old color without damaging your hair.

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